Dublin’s first 2D cafe, First Chapter is now open on Fade Street in Dublin City Center.


Dublin’s first 2D cafe, First Chapter is now open on Fade Street in Dublin City Center. First Chapter is a place for coffee lovers to receive a unique coffee experience. First Chapter is also known as ‘the hand drawn’ cafe in Dublin, this adds to the cafe’s uniqueness. First Chapter is open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm.


Dublin4all visited Dublin's first 2D cafe, First Chapter located on Fade Street.☕ First Chapter is a coffee lover's dream for a cozy and aesthetically pleasing space to enjoy their coffee. The coffee is delicious with a real kick to it. 🤩 The cafe is minimalist yet fascinating, giving you a storybook illusion whilst enjoying your coffee. If you're looking for a unique and pleasant coffee experience, give First Chapter coffee on Fade Street a try.🙌

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The cafe’s decor shows creativity, featuring whimsical hand-drawn scenes that mesmerize every inch of the space. The attention to detail is astounding, creating a truly immersive and unique atmosphere. It’s as if you’ve stepped into the pages of a storybook where every sip unfolds a new chapter.

The menu at First Chapter Coffee is equally delightful. The baristas are not just coffee connoisseurs, they are artists who craft each cup with precision. The coffee itself is delicious with a kick of energy to it. They also have options of pastries and sandwiches which are inspired by the Brazilian owners of First Chapter.

The staff at First Chapter execute a positive and inviting moral into the cafe and make you, as a customer, feel extremely welcome. This in my opinion is a very important element to any business.

If you are a coffee lover in Dublin looking for a cozy and fascinating place to enjoy your coffee and even a Brazilian style pastry or sandwich, definitely check out First Chapter located on Fade Street, Dublin.