Coffee Art Mastery at Beanhive: Where Delicious Meets Artistic


Beanhive Coffee is a quaint coffee shop located on Dawson Street within Dublin City centre. They are open seven days a week Monday- Friday, 7:15am-6pm and Saturday & Sunday 8:30/9am- 6:30/6pm. The hours and days Beanhive is open are very convenient, especially for late-evening coffee lovers.

Beanhive Coffee is best known for its amazing coffee art, which is what originally attracted Dublin4all to them, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that their coffee was just as beautiful as the art on top. Beanhive also offers a range of sweet and savory food and desserts such as sandwiches, wraps, cakes and even breakfast. They also sell their own Beanhive coffee beans in the store which I am sure are delicious.

All the food and coffee are just as reasonably priced as any other centre location coffee shop within the Dublin City centre. I ordered a cappuccino with some coffee art, and it came to four euros, which is standard but better than its coffee with aesthetic art on top.

When it comes to the coffee art part, Beanhive Coffee does a variation of coffee art, which they provide pictures of on their Instagram @beanhivehivecoffee, the lady that served me explained to me they had a new art design that week of ‘Dublin, Ireland’ so that’s the one I chose. Within Beanhive they do explain if you want coffee art, do leave extra time for your coffee order to be made.

The staff at Beanhive were so helpful and polite, which as we know here at Dublin4all is a huge positive. Having helpful, polite staff can really make or break an experience and in this case, it made my experience.

As I mentioned earlier Beanhive is a quaint coffee shop, so do and visit maybe when you have a little bit more time on your hands, or at a non-rush hour. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. I chose to sit outdoors as it was a nice day and I love to people-watch whilst drinking my coffee, which Beanhive is most certainly a perfect location for.

Overall Beanhive should definitely be on your list of coffee shops to visit in Dublin City, especially if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing, delicious coffee.