Dublin’s College Green Bans Private Cars, Expands Bus Gate to 24/7 Operation


Beginning 29th May, private vehicles will be completely banned from Dublin’s College Green as the Bus Gate corridor expands to a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week operation. The move aims to reduce traffic congestion in the city centre and prioritise public transport at all times as part of the College Green Pathfinder Project. Access to locations such as Foster Place and the Bank of Ireland will be maintained for general traffic, but they’ll no longer be able to exit using the Bus Gate.

The College Green Pathfinder Project will also include enhancements for Foster Place, providing a more inviting public space with planters and public seating while maintaining access for disabled parking spaces. The project intends to prioritise public transport and pedestrians, aiming to improve the city centre experience for Dublin’s residents and visitors alike. Taxi spaces will be reduced in Foster Place and increased at the College Green taxi rank, providing a more efficient use of transport resources.

Dublin City Council has encouraged those previously using the College Green Bus Gate to find alternative routes and not attempt to use it under any circumstance. The decision follows years of discussions and planning aimed to alleviate public transport congestion within the city core, ultimately benefiting the overall accessibility of Dublin’s centre for public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians.


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