Dublin’s Freshest Tapas Lights Up Upper Duke Lane with Its Vibrant Mediterranean Fare


Little Lemon is a recently newly opened restaurant located on Upper Duke Lane in Dublin City center. It is a Mediterranean style tapas restaurant and most popular for its delicious tapas and cocktails.

The decor and aesthetic to the restaurant was beautiful and extremely modernized. It had that Mediterranean feel to it from the colors of the interior to all the beautiful artwork around the restaurant. Little Lemon has certainly mastered the ‘eye catching’ element in their restaurant, which is very important for a new restaurant.

Now onto the menu, the most important part. Their menu consisted of all tapa style bites with a great variety of foods. I ordered the halloumi saganaki and the Greek style kebab which was delicious! They also had many other unique dishes which caught my eye that I will try next time. Their menu was original with also a touch of the ‘typical’ tapa style foods such as patatas bravas, I think it’s important and a nice touch to have both.

Little Lemon is also well known for their cocktail menu, which I have not tried, but it looked divine. Another element of the decor that caught my eye was the stunning cocktail bar. Just looking at it would make you want a cocktail!


The pricing of the food was very reasonable for both dishes and the soft drink I got cost twenty-three euros. As for the cocktails, they are twelve euro per cocktail, which is also average for Dublin prices.

The service in Little Lemon was good service, not overly friendly, just normal service which sometimes can be nice if you just want to eat in peace.

I went at lunch time around 1pm and it was not too busy which was nice. I believe it can get super busy from Thursday- Sunday around dinnertime so if you want to go then be sure to book.

If you’re into tapa style Mediterranean food and looking for a nice brunch with cocktails or even a dinner date, give Little Lemon on Upper Duke Lane a try.

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