Art, Food & Fashion Collide at Dublin’s George’s Arcade – The City’s Hidden Gem


George’s Arcade Market on George’s Street, Dublin, is a vibrant tapestry of eclectic offerings, from jewelry and piercings to delectable food, vintage clothing, and captivating art. Open Monday-Sunday, 9am-7pm/ 11am-6pm , this market is a treasure trove for seekers of unique finds.

A Sensory Delight

Wandering through George’s Arcade is a sensory delight. There are so many diverse stalls from handcrafted jewelry, trendy piercings, and vintage clothing, providing a haven for fashion enthusiasts. The market also has food and coffee stalls if you get a little bit peckish whilst browsing.
Another excellent factor within this market is the large amount of art being sold which is both beautiful to look at but also great if you’re looking to buy some original and unique art.

Thriving Market in a Convenient Location

George’s Arcade Market thrives on its diverse offerings, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The trading hours, spanning every day of the week, there is just so much to explore and the fact that it is on Georges Street in the heart of Dublin City Center makes it a convenient and accessible destination for locals and tourists alike.


In conclusion, George’s Arcade Market stands out as a dynamic and inclusive marketplace in the heart of Dublin. Whether you’re in search of one-of-a-kind jewelry, a unique piercing, delicious food, vintage fashion, or inspiring art, Georges Arcade Market offers everything both a local and tourist would desire to explore. A visit to George’s Arcade is not just shopping, it’s an immersive experience into Dublin’s cultural and creative scene.