How to Sell Your Car Faster and for More Money: 5 Insider Tips from a Car Dealership Owner


Selling a car can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re new to the process. As an experienced car dealership owner, I’ve seen the frustrations and stumbling blocks that many people encounter when trying to sell their vehicle. But with these insider tips, you can streamline the process and secure the best possible price for your car.

1. Get a proper valuation for your car

Knowing the true value of your vehicle is essential for achieving a fair sale. Start by obtaining a valuation from car dealers, independent garages, or online sources. Utilising multiple sources will help you get the most accurate figure. Remember, factors influencing your car’s value include its age, make, model, mileage, condition, and service history. For a free, professional and accurate valuation, consider using online car valuation tools requiring only your registration and mileage.

2. Prepare your car for sale

First impressions are everything in the car sales arena, so make sure your vehicle is presented in its best light. This involves a thorough clean and polish, inside and out. Address any dents, scratches or other damage before showing your car to prospective buyers. A well-maintained vehicle that looks great and has all the necessary paperwork in order will be more appealing and command a fair price.

3. Choose the right time to sell

Timing your sale can impact the speed of the process and the final price. Spring and summer typically bring more buyers and positivity to the market, while dealerships may offer better prices during year-end sales to reduce inventory. If a quick sale is your priority, consider selling during the winter months, when fewer buyers are around – though you may have to be more flexible on price.

4. Pick your selling route wisely

There are numerous means to sell your car, each with its pros and cons. The major routes include:

  • Selling privately for potentially the highest price, at the cost of more time and effort.
  • Selling to a dealer for a faster, hassle-free process, although typically commanding a lower price.
  • Selling at auction for classic or rare cars, but beware of high fees and the risk of getting less than your car’s true value.

5. Finalise your car’s paperwork and handover

When you have found a buyer and agreed on a price, ensure a smooth handover of your vehicle. This includes transferring ownership, tax, and insurance. Dealers will generally manage this for you, while private sales require you to complete the car ownership change paperwork. Additionally, cancel your car insurance and notify your insurer of the sale.

Armed with these five insider tips from an experienced car dealership owner, you’ll be well on your way to selling your car faster and for more money. Invest time in preparing your car for sale, choose the right time to sell, and select your selling method wisely. With these pointers, you’re on the path to turning your car into cash, fast.


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