Ryan Tubridy’s Emotional Farewell and Future Plans After Hosting The Late Late Show for 14 Years


After an emotional farewell to The Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy has confirmed his next career move and shared his excitement for the future. The RTE star has been the face of the popular Irish talk show for the past 14 years, and he is turning 50 on Sunday.

In his final episode, Tubridy became visibly emotional as he dedicated the show to his family, especially his mother and his daughters.

Looking forward, the seasoned host has plans to dive into various mediums including podcasts, documentaries, and books.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, Tubridy revealed, “I would definitely be looking at the world of podcasts, and docs and history and books for sure.” He is expected to cover a range of subjects, with a particular interest in United States politics.

A source close to Tubridy shared, “Ryan has a huge interest in American politics and would have plenty to say to US listeners.”

Tubridy’s time on The Late Late Show has been filled with memorable moments and interviews with notable guests, both Irish and international. His easy-going and charismatic nature made him the ideal person to discuss various topics.

One of the most popular segments on the show is the annual Late Late Toy Show, which brings joy and excitement to Irish families every year and holds a special place in Tubridy’s heart.

During the final moments of his last Late Late Show episode, Tubridy expressed his gratitude to all the people he has worked with over the years.

He also paid tribute to the artists, singers, achievers, and local heroes who appeared on the show and became his friends.

Tubridy recounted a touching moment involving his mother during the show, and he became emotional when he spoke of his daughters, dedicating the show to them.

“To Ella and Julia, you know this, I love you so much, they haven’t created a word for it yet. They are the ones I dedicate this show to, they’re my constant and I love them so much”, he said.

Tubridy’s decision to step down from his role as host of The Late Late Show is a significant one, but he leaves on a positive note. “I feel very happy. I feel I’ve made a really important decision in my life, but it’s absolutely the right one. I love what I did, and I can’t wait for what I’m about to do”, he expressed.

As he moves on to the next chapter of his career, Ryan Tubridy’s love for Ireland and its people remains steadfast. “I find I love this country and I love Irish guests, music, local heroes who keep the fabric of the country together,” he shared.

In his final moments on The Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy left a message that encapsulates what has always made the show special, urging his audience to take care of themselves and each other, signing off with the words, “Mind yourselves and mind each other.”

With this emotional farewell, Ryan Tubridy steps into the next phase of his career, ready to explore new horizons to charm and entertain Irish and international audiences alike.

As he charts his path in the world of podcasts, documentaries, history, and books, Tubridy carries with him the valuable lessons, cherished memories, and lasting friendships he forged during his time on The Late Late Show.