Dublin Community Divided Over the €100,000,000 Stephen’s Green Remodel


Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is remodeling and it’s costing €100,000,000. We visited before this re-model began to see if it’s really necessary.

The Dublin City Council agreed after a long awaited time to give €100,000,000 to remodel Stephen’s Green Shopping Center. They believed it looks old-fashioned and that it is in need of some rejuvenation. Their new ideal model of the shopping center is an almost futuristic look with instead of round glass panels around the outside, they aim for straight sharp glass panels around the outside.

Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is an iconic landmark to Dublin City. The shopping center was built in the 1880’s and opened to the public in the 1880’s.

The shopping center has various shops and food places inside. Stephen’s Green holds a place in many Dublin locals hearts and is a very big tourist attraction within Dublin City. Although they are not removing the center, the way it is now is what people know and love.

One of the main attractions within the center is the art section, there are hundreds of art pieces from various artists that are absolutely beautiful. This is one of my favorite parts of Stephen’s Green Shopping Center and I hope they reintroduce it within the new development.

The council has mentioned plans for a cinema and gallery space within the new model of the shopping center. They also have said that this re-development will use the grounds of Stephen’s Green Shopping Center to its full potential.