REVIEW: The Art Of Coffee – Dublin’s World Latte Art Champion


Dublin4all visited The Art Of Coffee located in Grand Canal dock, Dublin. The Art Of Coffee has won the world latte art Irish championships and has multiple locations all over Dublin, such as Rathmines, Ballsbridge, Dun Laoghaire and many more.

The location of the Grand Canal Dock The Art of Coffee is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere scenic, bright and vibrant with good food and even better coffee. The views from each seat inside of the dock and buildings around it are so enjoyable to look at whilst enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. They also have a beautiful outdoor area which would be a perfect summertime coffee spot.

Lunch Options

The Art Of Coffee has a huge variety of both savory and sweet treats to choose from such as wraps, sandwiches, rolls, soup and various cakes and pastries. I went for the seron ham and cheese sandwich, which was so tasty, I am excited to return and try more of the sweet and savory snacks. The pricing of everything was very affordable as it ranged from €3.50-€6.30, which I think is extremely reasonable considering the food was delicious and fresh and the fact the cafe itself is in such a good location.

The Coffee

Now onto the coffee, as I mentioned earlier The Art Of Coffee has the world latte art Irish championships, so of course their coffee was impeccable. I ordered a cappuccino, and it did not disappoint. The coffee was silky and very aesthetically pleasing, just like everything else with the art of coffee. It also gave me the energetic kick which I find is hard to find with coffee, especially if you’re drinking it every day like me.

Customer Service

Along with the good food, coffee and location, the staff at The Art Of Coffee were 10/10 service and always trying to help with customers. Good customer service is certainly not everywhere these days, so this element was refreshing and pleasant to see. Here at Dublin4all we believe that customer service is extremely important as it can make or break someone’s experience somewhere and in the art of coffee it made it!

If the Grand Canal The Art Of Coffee location is not close to you then I would highly recommend checking out one of their many other locations around Dublin, especially if you are both a foodie and coffee lover.

Overall, Dublin4all’s visit to The Art Of Coffee was an extremely positive experience. The Art Of Coffee knows how to do things right with aesthetic, food, coffee and morals within their business.