We visited the true characters and spirits of Dublin City at the Liberty Markets


We visited the famous Liberty Market and here is what we thought.

Liberty Markets is in the heart of the Liberties, on Meath Street, Dublin. They started up in the 1970’s and are until now the longest running market within Dublin City. They open from Thursday-Saturday, 10am-4/5pm.

Dublin4all visited the Liberty Market on a Thursday around 11am, it was not too busy for it was early and their first day open that week, but on weekends like a Saturday, I’d say it can become very busy. The Liberty Markets are very deceiving (in a good way) as from the outside it appears to be small but is actually very large inside with many market stalls to offer, which is pleasantly surprising.


Looking for somewhere new to explore?👀 You must check out @libertymarketdublin located in The heart of the Liberties on Meath Street, Dublin.🇮🇪 Dublin4all visited the Liberty Market and here’s what we thought. The Liberty Market is sentimental to Dublin as it’s been here since the 1970’s. It is positively deceiving as from the outside it appears small but is huge on the inside with lots to explore.🤩 They sell varied items such as clothes, jewellery, home appliances and many more.👠 If you’re a tourist in Dublin or even a Dublin local looking for somewhere with history and authenticity to explore, check out @libertymarketdublin 🥰

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What you can find there

The markets range from things such as jewellery, clothes, wool, furniture, appliances and much more. Whatever you’re looking for, the Liberty markets will be sure to have it.

The People of Liberty Market

Not only do they have all these various market stalls to choose from, but each stall also has lots of personality to it. I got chatting to one of the stall owners, and she explained that some of the stalls are passed down for many generations, which adds a special unique factor to Liberty Markets.

Each stall owner within Liberty Markets is full of character and loves a good chat. Of course, their aim is to get you to purchase something so some owners will be willing to agree on a certain price with you. Which can be a great positive in my opinion. Other than that, the pricing is very reasonable, which is one of Liberty Markets’ main selling points. To sell good items at reasonable prices.

Overall thoughts

The people you will come across within the Liberty Markets are the true characters and spirits of Dublin City, they are full of life and very interesting to chat to while you shop.

If you are a tourist visiting Dublin or a local in Dublin city, head down to Meath Street and check out the Liberty Markets, they will not disappoint you!