Sandymount Hosts Dublin’s Thrilling Marathon Adventure


If you are either a beginner runner looking for a race in Dublin or you run every day and looking for something new to excite you, The Sandymount Night Run is for you.

The Sandymount Dublin Night Run on March 12, 2024 at 7:20pm. The race is offering a 5km single lap or a 10km double lap to accommodate various fitness levels. The tickets range between €15-€30, depending on how many kilometers you wish to run.

Conveniently situated within walking distance from Dublin’s city center, Sandymount provides an optimal location. The race showcases a ‘racer-friendly’ course with a lengthy straight path and minimal turns, commencing and concluding in Sean Moore Park.

Every participant will receive a finisher’s medal as a token of accomplishment.

The Sandymount Night Run brings those who have a desire to run together and shows a different side to the usual early morning 6am races, in this case making the race suitable for even the non-morning people.

This race is a chance to make fellow running friends and upskill your fitness abilities. The Sandymount night run could be an opportunity to begin your running journey or just an add on to it.

This event annually sells out and is known to be extremely popular with both new coming runners and runners who run all year round. It is the perfect event for all categories of runners as it gives two options for the distance you decide to run, this way it is not too overwhelming for beginners.

If you are in Dublin City and are either a new runner or run all year round, book your ticket and head down to The Sandymount Night Run.