Dublin’s Prestigious Summit Advocating for Gender Balance in Project Management


Are you a new woman to project management or just want to learn more skills in the workforce, WIPM event is for you.

The Women In Project Management (WIPM) event is happening March 7th, 2024, at The Convention Centre Dublin in Ireland, WIPM Summit 2024 promises to be an enriching experience for those seeking professional advancement. The tickets range from €200-€250 depending on group size.

The Speakers

The speakers at the WIPM Summit are influential figures and disruptors in their respective fields. They delve into diverse topics such as workflows, best practices, soft skills, emerging technologies, diversity, and scaling, reigniting the essential passions for project managers.

Similar to various other professions, Project Management has the potential for gender balance, given the attributes essential for the role. This annual event serves as a platform for women in project management to connect with peers, refine their skills, and participate in the evolving community, contributing to the ongoing promotion of our profession.

How To Attend

Attending the WIPM event may help you within your future career applications as it is definitely seen as an upskilling event to add to your skills within the workforce.

To purchase tickets visit https://wipm.eu/wipm-summit-tickets